Quality Assurance

E.T.I. Codes

ETI codes according to the local laws (Bangladesh) are very much practiced in our manufacturing facilities. These codes include:

No Bonded Labour.
No Child Labour.
Reasonable Working Hour.
Safe Working Conditions.
Regular Employment
No Harsh Treatment.
Security & Fire Fighting

R.K. Group maintains a team of security personnel. This team work round the clock to maintain safety and security of machinery, raw materials, products and workers within the premises. They are well conversant with the first aid and fire fighting practices. We also maintain sufficient firefighting equipments as initial fire precautions. We also train workers as how to deal with the fire and course of action to be taken in case of outbreak of fire.
Harmony with the Nature

R.K. Group gives due consideration and priority for preservation of nature and ecological balance. The surrounding eco-system of the area has been harmoniously integrated and delicately preserved. The natural technology has been planned in our dyeing plants for biological treatment of the wastes.

Alternative Power Supply

To maintain continuity of production and smooth running of all machinery, there is no alternative but to ensure uninterrupted power supply. This can only be achieved by alternative arrangement of power supply. We have stand by Gas generators for the purpose of uninterrupted power supply:

● 6 Nos. for Spinning Mills
→ Rated Power : 1064 KW, 2 Sets
1048 KW, 4 Sets

● 4 Nos. for other Units
→ Rated Power : 1064 KW, 4 Sets

Besides we have other two Diesel Generators to support Power supply in emergency period.