The Board of Directors of R. K. Group consists of four members. The Board decides and formulates the policies and provides guidelines for smooth operation of day-to-day affairs of the companies. The Directors are:

Mrs. Kawser Hamid


Chairperson, is very much associated with the industrial undertakings, having sound knowledge and experience of running Large Scale industrial concerns with the expertise to chalk out plan for business development.

Md. Md Abdul Hamid

Managing Director

Managing Director, has got 25 years` experience in the field of Textile Trading and more than 20 years` experience as an industrialist. His innovative and creative ideas made him a successful business entrepreneur of Large-Scale industrial group. The Board of Directors` have vested him the overall management of all concerns. Efficient and Professional Executives under his direct guidance, control and supervision have been managing all the industrial and business undertakings.

He is a vetern Freedom Fighter and widely connected with social, trade organizational, national and International trade operational and Club activities. He has also received awards from different national & overseas corporate bodies for his outstanding performance in business field.

Kaiser Ahmed


He has acquired sufficient experience in managing the industrial undertakings. Specially, he is taking care of Garments exports and as such, well conversant with merchandizing, production-processes and implementation of exports. Widely traveled abroad in connection with business meetings, Trade exhibitions / fairs and business promotion as well.

Kamran Ahmed


He taking active part in operational management process. Research and Development of Products and services are being keenly looked into by him. Widely traveled abroad in connection with business development.

Mr. Kawmi Ahmed


Recently joined in the Board with international standard academic Knowledge. Picked up his job nicely. Giving input in creative and innovative ideas.