All sort of knitted wear in Garments unit while Single Jersey, Rib, Interlock, Drop-meedle, Pique and Lacoste, 3 yarn fleece etc with Lycra process in the Knitting Unit.

Production Unit:

Parity Fashion Ltd.

Incorporated on: March 1996
Total Manpower: 750
Total Machine: 198
Production Space: 18,000 SFT

R. K. Fashion Ltd.

Incorporated on: June 1999
Total Manpower: 600
Total Machine: 162
Production Space: 19,000SFT

H. K. Apparels Ltd.

Incorporated on: August 2001
Total Manpower: 460
Total Machine: 188
Production: 15000 SFT


Features in Operation:

Cutting Sewing Finishing
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) system
  • Auto Spreader
  • Auto Cutter
  • Auto Trimmer Machine
  • Trained Skilled Operator
  • Efficient Supervisor
  • Inline Inspection
  • Good House Keeping
  • Needle Detector
  • Thread Sucker
  • Vacuum Table
  • Skilled Iron Man
  • Steam Iron
  • Finished Cartoon Store

Research & Development Lab:

We understand the necessities for continuous evolution of quality product and that’s why te highest importace is give to research and development. We ensure continuous development and sampling at each and every stage of spinning, knitting, dyeing, printing and finished garments production with the cutting edge technology ad a team of dedicated experts from marketing, merchandising and production department.

E.T.I Codes:

Eti codes according to the local laws (Bangladesh) are very much practiced in our manufacturing facilities. These codes include:

No Bonded Labour.
No child Labour.
Reasonable working hour.
Safe working conditions.
Regular Employment.
No harsh treatment.

Factory Utilities:

Gas generator
Stand by Diesel generator
Steam boiler
Steam boiler
Steam boiler
Screw Compressor
Water treatment plant
Effluent treatment plant
1064 kW each
1064 kW each
8 tons
6 tons
5 tons
10 sets
2 sets
3 sets
1 set
1 set
7 sets

Factory Capabilities:

Computer-aided laboratory in SPinning Mill
Yarn Story
Knitting Plant
Full equipped laboratory for Dyeing
fabric dyeing plant
fabric finishing section
Computer aided design section for all over printing
Fabric all over printing section
Fabric inspection section
Fabric store
Sewing section
Finishing section
Finished cartoon store

Factory Facility:

Canteen facility
DOctor’s room
Child care room
Prayer room
No child labor
Safe working conditions
R&D department
Workers welfare committee (WWC)
Workers participation committee (WPC)
ISO 9001: 2000 Certified Company
Oeko-Tex standard company
BSCI member
SEDEX member

Health & Safety:

Health: Needle guards, mesh gloves, ear plugs, masks
safety: Fire Drills, First Aid Training, Doctor on site, Emergency exit at any floor


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